Coats American Bobbins - B-92 - Size G - White

Coats American Bobbins - B-92 - Size G - White

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Product Description

Coats American B-92 bobbins. Our Coats American Thread is made from high stregth bonded polyester fiber. Coats American S.U.D. thread is a continuous filament polyester with a bonded finish. Exccellent resistance to UV, micro organisms and mildew. It is ideal for all yur outdoor and indoor industrial projects. We carry Size M and Size G.
  • Material: Polyester
  • UV Coating: No
  • Thread Size: DB-92 (TEX 90)
  • Bobbin Size: Size G (∅ 0.861" x 0.390" H)
  • Bobbin Type: Sided
  • Box Size: 1 gross (144 bobbins)
  • Wholesale Volume Discount: 10 gross