Patriot Upholstery Vinyl - Dove - PAT 8567 - Discontinued

Patriot Upholstery Vinyl - Dove - PAT 8567 - Discontinued

Code: PAT-54-DOV-DIS


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Product Description

This Vinyl is perfect for upholstery applications including Contract Interiors, Office, Resturant, Hotel/Motel, Healthcare, Sunroom/Patio, Marine/RV/Auto, Residential, etc. It is always best to wipe the vinyl clean to remove any residues, such as suntan lotion or foods that may stain. With proper care, Patriot Contract vinyl will give you excellent performance and lasting beauty. Spradling's PERMABLOK³® Topcoat is a proven vinyl protective coating that's engineered to create a tough, effective barrier against the three biggest problems encountered in healthcare and hospitality environments: germs, abrasion, and stains. You can not see it or feel it, yet the protection it offers results in extended performance and lasting beauty with minimum care.
  • Roll Size: 30 yards
  • Top Coat: 100% Vinyl
  • Backing: 100% Polyester
  • Width: 54"
  • Wholesale Price Levels: 10 yards, 30 yards