HH-66 Vinyl Cement Thinner - 1 Quart

HH-66 Vinyl Cement Thinner - 1 Quart

Code: L-ADH-HH66-TH


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Product Description

Is your HH-66 getting thick with use or time? Vaughan Bros. has a Thinner that is specifically designed for HH-66. With the ingredients in the Thinner you don't have to worry about the affect it will have on your HH-66. This glue thinner reactivates dried HH-66 or removes unwanted HH-66 from surfaces. Also use HH-66 thinner to clean brushes, rollers, sprayguns, and other types of applicators.
  • Removes unwatned HH-66
  • Clean your brushes/sprayguns/applicators
  • Flammable: Yes - Extremely
  • Can Size: Quart
  • Case Size: 12 each
  • Wholesale Volume Discount: 12 each