Snap Double Stud (Gypsy Stud) - Nickel

Snap Double Stud (Gypsy Stud) - Nickel

Code: F-552-NIC


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Product Description

Snap Double Stud. Sometimes this part is called a "Gypsy Stud", some even call them "Piggybacks". The double stud is an item that allows you to have a stud backing up a stud or a stud backing up a socket. It allows for stacking fabric using the same snap. The other specifications that make this part unique are listed below.
  • Snap Size: Ligne 24
  • Snap Action: Standard
  • Snap Finish: Nickel
  • Post Material: Brass
  • Post Size: Standard (7/32")
  • Package Size: 100 each
  • Wholesale Volume Discount: 10 packs, 100 packs