Snap Screw Stud - Nickel with Hardened Drill Point

Snap Screw Stud - Nickel with Hardened Drill Point

Code: F-459-HD-12-SS


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Product Description

Snap Screw Stud. This piece will replace the stud/eyelet combination on the back half of the snap. These are perfect for attaching to hard surfaces that require snap applications. This variety has a drill point on the screw. The drill points have 2 options, hardened and non hard. Hardened can drill through harder materials but are brittle and could break if screwed too tight. Non-hard are regular strength stainless steel and won't break as easy but the drill point can dull on harder materials. We have a great selection of snaps available. All the specifications that make this part unique are listed below.
  • Package Size: 100 each
  • Snap Type: Ligne 24
  • Snap Material: Nickel Plated Brass
  • Screw Type: Hardened Drill Point
  • Screw Size: #8
  • Screw Material: SUS410 Stainless Steel
  • Wholesale Volume Discount: 10 packs, 100 packs