Customer Spotlight – Heidi West Designs

Customer Spotlight – Heidi West Designs

July 18, 2019 Off By Cortney Wise

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Customer Spotlight

Meet Heidi West of Heidi West Designs

Heidi West stands with her table of incredible totes, purses, pouches and more.

Heidi West stands with her table of incredible totes, purses, pouches and more.

About the Artist:

A Pacific-Northwest native, Heidi West grew up in Yakima, Washington. As a child, Heidi always wanted to be an architect or interior designer, spending her time drawing up floor plans and creating materials lists from catalogs. After graduating from Washington State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts and an emphasis in Graphic design, she relocated to Portland, Oregon, where she also operates her business:

Heidi West Designs.

In her spare time, Heidi pursues all sorts of artistic hobbies like woodworking, painting, drawing and knitting, and loves to work on her home or out in her yard.

Heidi West - Daffodil Pouch Heidi West - Raindrop Pouch Heidi West - California Poppy Pouch

Left To Right: Daffodil Pouch, Raindrop Pouch and California Poppy Pouches – Photos: Heidi West

About Heidi West Designs:

Craving Creativity

Having worked as a project manager for nearly 20 years, Heidi West always regretted not pursuing a more creative road for herself and her career. Surrounding herself with creative people in the design field helped, however, she found herself wanting more.

After receiving a gift card from someone at her work, Heidi purchased her first DIY screen printing kit. Screen printing had always been on her list of creative projects to try. She had always wanted to create her own printed fabrics and custom designs. Her first screen printed pattern was a repeating unicorn, which she made into zipper pouches for a girls’ weekend. Ever since, Heidi has been hooked on screen printing.

Perfect Prints

Heidi West opened her first Etsy shop in 2016, and now she works full time out of her home studio. She creates bags for her online store, for Made in Oregon stores, and for local art markets.

Her bags blend simple structure with eye-catching print designs that are often reminiscent of Art Deco and Art Nouveau composition. The designs focus on intentional linework, shape, and color. Much of her work features botanical prints, florals, insects, goats, and geometric motifs and often feature waxed canvas as a pairing with her prints. Her products include bags, backpacks, totes, pouches, and more!

A Word From The Artist

Heidi West considers her biggest accomplishment to be teaching herself screen printing. However, sometimes she wakes up in the morning and can’t believe how awesome it is to own her own business.

In the future, she hopes to move her business to a retail/studio space outside of her home to establish better boundaries between her work and personal life.

Over the years, she has quickly learned what works and what doesn’t when selling at craft shows. Furthermore, she says that her most important lesson was learning to use proper tent weights.

  Heidi West - Flower Backpack Heidi West - Group Shot Heidi West - Dogwood Backpack

Left to Right: Flower Backpack, Group Shot, Dogwood Backpack – Photos: Heidi West

Where to Buy

You can find Heidi West’s work on her website.

In Made in Oregon store locations.

Or, at select appearances in local markets.

Heidi West Booth Heidi West Booth

Heidi West Designs booth. – Photos: Chris Nash

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