Meet the Crew!

Meet the Crew!

July 31, 2018 Off By Abby Emmons

The people make the place what it is! Without this solid group, Vaughan’s would just be a building with some stuff in it. We love getting to know you, and now you can get to know us!

Meet the team!

Chris Nash

Chris is Vaughan’s Fabric and Supply General Manager. He was born and raised here in Oregon and enjoys camping, hiking, and working with his wife in their garden. He’s Oregonian to the core; always buying local and going to cool Portland events. 😉

Before starting at Vaughan’s, he was a night manager at Goodwill as well as a lead singer in a punk rock band!

This guy is the oil in the gears that keeps everyone running smoothly, and the inspiration that keeps us focused on improving this company! His dedication is contagious!

Chris is a huge fan of Vaughan’s slogan; “We’re more than just fabric, we’re Family”


Carrie Campbell

Carrie is Vaughan’s president, owner, and 3rdgeneration Vaughan.

She was born in San Diego, CA but raised in Alaska before moving to Washington. As a child her family moved around a lot because her father Frank, (former owner of Vaughan’s) was in the Navy.

This woman is the emblem of small town hospitality and a true mom at heart. She’s always brightening the day of whoever she interacts with. 🙂

When Carrie isn’t at work she enjoys being around her horses and hunting with her family!



Lindsey Brooks

Lindsey is Vaughan’s purchaser and 4thgeneration Vaughan.

She was born in Longview and raised in Amboy Washington.

This gal’s got spunk and a sassy humor. She will get a job done! And make it fun!

When Lindsey isn’t at work she enjoys hunting, fishing, camping and shed hunting with her husband and daughter.


Maggie Berg

Maggie is also Vaughan’s 4thgeneration as well as the Office Manager.

Maggie was born in Longview and raised in Amboy like her older sister Lindsey. She is a people person for sure! A pleasant conversation and good humor. She brightens up our little office!

If Maggie isn’t working she’s most likely spending time with her husband and two daughters.

One interesting fact Maggie loves about the family company is that generations 3, 4 and now 5 are all girls!



TJ Wilson

TJ is Vaughan’s IT, Retail, Website manager and much more. This guy’s got drive! He is always giving his work 110%! And is mildly obsessed with pizza.

TJ was born in Idaho but raised in Vancouver Washington.

Before working at Vaughan’s TJ was working at UPS as well as a State Liquor Distribution Center.

One thing TJ has found interesting about the company is that Carrie really likes his desk because she is often there when he is not.


Abby Emmons

Abby is Vaughan’s Warehouse and Social Media girl.

She was born and raised here in Portland, Oregon.

Before coming to Vaughan’s Fabric and Supply, Abby was a house inspector, daycare teacher, cashier at a book store and lived in Ireland for 3 months where she was volunteering.

Abby is a chipper and perfectly delightful presence! She is strong and beautiful and cool and gives herself lots of compliments on blog posts when nobody’s looking. 😉

When she isn’t working she’s usually reading or hanging out with family and friends.



We love doing what we do! Working with the small business community in this industry is so rewarding! Thank you for letting us serve you!





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