Talking Community & Small Business with Land and Kamp’s Jessica Boland

Talking Community & Small Business with Land and Kamp’s Jessica Boland

July 17, 2018 Off By Abby Emmons

One of the best parts about being a small company is getting to know and work with other small businesses. Community is a rare thing these days, but it’s something we really value at Vaughan’s.

It’s so great when you can learn from other’s in the field, help each other out, and just simply connect and know someone else can relate to your own daily hurdles.
Meet Jessica Boland. She hand-crafts wool bags for her own business, Land and Kamp. An outdoors girl to the bone, her products have a vibe of Oregon adventure, and her love of the wild is contagious!

We interviewed Jessica about some realities of running her small business, and her answers were so sincere and encouraging:

Q: What inspired you to start your business?

A: 100% honesty: boredom. I grew up on a farm inside of an extremely creative, hardworking family so sitting still and being a city dweller is a struggle. Once I moved to Portland I looked at myself and where I was heading and I had to find something to do. I joke that sewing keeps me off of the pole and drugs! TOTALLY JOKING!

Q: What is the most satisfying aspect of running Land and Kamp?

A: It’s my supportive community. It’s a small community but oh boy are they great cheerleaders. At times it can feel like you’re lost in the woods when you’re in the middle of tracking down receipts for bookkeeping, reordering supplies, coming up with marketing ideas, managing orders, all while trying to continually improve your product. So I really appreciate and value all the great people in my life like when a friend at a BBQ wants to talk about what I’m working on or when my mom just shows up to help me sew.

Q: How has Vaughan’s helped you bring your designs to life?

A: First off, Vaughan’s found me at Portland Night Market almost a year and a half ago with a little postcard about attending their Fabric Forums. If that tiny little moment wouldn’t have happened, I don’t really know where I would be. Does that sound too dramatic? It’s silly but Land and Kamp is a microscopic business so the fact that I could buy only 1 yard of fabric when I started out was huge. To this day I still don’t have the capital to buy lots of supplies but everyone at Vaughan’s Fabric helps me to source everything from snaps, zippers, fabric, tools and rivets in quantities I can afford. They recently brought in waxed canvas which has been huge. I LOVE working with that stuff. The other thing is I don’t know what I don’t know, so it’s great that they explain and help me problem solve to find a product that will really work for me. And if they don’t have what I’m looking for, they do their best to point me in a direction of where I can source it.

Q: What advice would you give to other small businesses starting up?

A: It’s a hell of a lot easier to quit. Go ahead. But think to yourself, what else would you be doing if you weren’t doing this? If you don’t have a really good answer then maybe you just need to be a little bit more patient with yourself. With the average attention span of around 10 minutes… maybe you need to learn how to ride this bike through every phase, from kick bike, to BMX, to 10 speed, to road bike. HA! Maybe I’ll take my own advice one day. But seriously, in a world of increasingly boring phone-addicted people, be an interesting person who follows their quirky little passions. Work on your skill and always keep learning.


SO much goes into running a small business, but it makes a big difference when you know you have people behind you!

You can view Jessica’s products on her website here,

and learn more about Vaughan’s on our About Us page.