The Ultimate Guide: How Sunbrella Compares to RECacril

The Ultimate Guide: How Sunbrella Compares to RECacril

June 21, 2018 Off By Abby Emmons

See how traditional market leader Sunbrella compares to leading European outdoor fabric manufacturer Recasens in this head-to-head comparison.

Sunbrella has long been a market leader in the outdoor fabric industry, but it’s not the only option. In fact, we’ve recently done some comparisons and found that RECacril from Recasens not only stacks up as an equal but, in our eyes, far surpasses Sunbrella on many fronts in quality, ease of use, stability and even its array of fashion-forward patterns and colors. Here’s our analysis:


Recasens spins all of its own acrylic yarns, guaranteeing the consistency and quality of its fabrics from the very start. The yarn used in RECacril is smaller than that used in Sunbrella fabrics allowing for a tighter weave with fewer pin holes, flaws and gaps, a firmer hand, better overall coverage, and better natural dimensional stability. Sunbrella uses a slightly larger 18s 2 ply yarn.


One of the first things you’ll notice when comparing RECacril and Sunbrella is the weave. Recacril has a much tighter weave giving it a firmer hand which also results in fewer pin holes, better overall coverage, and better natural dimensional stability. You can even see the difference when you hold the fabrics up to the light, as you will see more light shine through the Sunbrella fabric due to its looser construction.

Ease of Use

Because RECacril is completely manufactured in one location and relies less on resins than Sunbrella to build the hand of the fabric, it has an extremely consistent hand or stiffness from roll to roll and lot and lot. This makes the fabric easier to cut, sew, weld and fabricate into finished products. RECacril’s tight weave and consistent finish allows it to lay perfectly flat on the cutting table with minimal fray when cut with a knife or scissor. When using a walking foot sewing machine to join two panels, there is little to no pucker resulting in panels of the same length each and every time. RECacril is also available in larger 65 yard rolls as compared to Sunbrella’s 60 yard rolls, which results in 8-10% less end cuts of the rolls, reducing waste.

Stability and Wear

The combination of tight weave and a proprietary finishing, curing, and heat setting process makes Recasens superior in every way to Sunbrella when it comes to stability and wear. Recacril has unsurpassed dimensional stability, its tight weave reducing bag and sag on fixed frame installations, while the minimal use of starches and resins in the fabric means less marking and crazing.

Manufacturing and Quality Control

Recasens is a completely vertically integrated manufacturing operation. From the spinning of the yarn, to the weaving of the fabric, to proprietary finishes and coatings, Recasens unlike many of our competitors, has complete control over the entire manufacturing process. And when it comes to quality control, Recasens only allows 3 flaws or less on a 65 yard roll to be classified as a first quality fabric and most rolls have 1 or 0 flaws per roll. Sunbrella allows up to 5 flaws on a 60 yard roll to be considered first quality. Recasens is also ISO 9001 certified and uses only the most modern manufacturing equipment to further ensure the highest quality product.

While both products are readily available and have a ten-year warranty, it’s easy to see why RECacril is quickly gaining in popularity with awning and marine fabricators worldwide. There’s no denying the amazing quality and ease of use of this fine fabric. That, combined with the vast array of fashionable color and pattern choices, is making it a favorite with consumers as well. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of RECacril.