Recasen’s Trending RECacril Colors!

Recasen’s Trending RECacril Colors!

May 30, 2018 Off By Ali Ongaro

As 2018 comes into full swing, Vaughan has kept an eye on trending fabrics for you! We want to create a fun and easy shopping experience that allows your projects to shine with top-notch neutral colors in fun patterns.

Sophisticated Solids

A solid fabric choice can give a classically chic look which creates a solid base for your design so your logo and accent colors can pop. These choices are water resistant and tightly weaved, the ideal fabric for an awning.

R-224 Dun

This is our highest-selling RECacril fabric so far! Dun’s eye-catching rich chocolatey color exudes modern elegance.

R-133 Cinnamon

Don’t let the name fool you! This fabric is a creamy shade of dark beige. Cinnamon is lighter in color than Dun, which gives a softer look: imagine a sandy beach on a beautiful sunny day.

R-793 Linen Slub Tweed

As Leonardo Da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Linen slub tweed’s subdued woven beige and brown color will elevate any surrounding.

Stunning Stripes

Stripes are an awesome way to add fun detail to any project. Whether you choose thin, thick, vertical, horizontal, monochromatic or colorful, these top stunning stripe patterns will liven up any space.

R-346 Tambre & R-351 Arga

These fabrics are a playful take on a classic pinstripe pattern. Monochromatic color hairline stripes with a subtle accent color give them a modern feel. Whether you are leaning towards a cool or warm color palette, we have you covered!

R-352 Segre

Talk about a standout pattern! This easy-going gradient stripe makes for a universal decor. Starting from a dark concrete color flowing into a delicate tan, this versatile fabric means you can switch up your accent colors seasonally to keep things fresh.

R-362 Menor

We have to finish off 2018’s top sellers with a classic red and white stripe. This vibrant fabric has the perfect mixture of red and burgundy color. Menor is a bold summer classic.

We hope this guide helps you keep a pulse on current trends to find the best option for your color palette. To order these or request a special color, give us a call at 503-233-1771.