We love waxed canvas!

We love waxed canvas!

May 15, 2018 Off By Ali Ongaro

Waxed canvas, our new favorite product.

Fueled by a renewed interest in natural fabrics and the outdoor industry, waxed canvas has found a niche in the intersection of Portland’s local makers and small-batch factories. Vaughan’s new stock of waxed canvas is flying off the shelves! We talked with local expert, Ellie Lum of Klum House to investigate why this product is so popular. Lum is the founder and head educator at Klum House, a creative sewing studio located in NE Portland’s Williams District. Klum House designs all their bag patterns to be sewn with waxed canvas.

“Waxed canvas is an easy, heavy weight, durable fabric that a home sewing machine can handle,” Lum said.

To start, we asked Lum why she loves waxed canvas.

“As a teacher, I love that it is an easier fabric to sew with as a beginner bag maker. The wax holds it in place, which makes it easier to sew.”

This high quality fabric creates an easy sewing experience. Both Lum and Vaughan’s Fabric source their Waxed Canvas from a mill in Scotland, which is where this stylish product was invented. Cotton Canvas with a wax treatment becomes a bit more stiff and repels water making the product soft and breathable.

According to Lum, waxed canvas surged in popularity over the past five years. Local businesses who stock and use natural fibers in their products has also grown in that time, which makes 2018 the prime time to start using waxed canvas!

When choosing a fabric for bag making, Lum recommends cotton canvas, waxed canvas or Cordura products. cotton canvas and waxed canvas are categorized together because they are made of natural fibers, while Cordura products are made with synthetic fibers. Out of the three, she prefers waxed canvas because it is a great beginner fabric that’s also water resistant.

Waxed Canvas’ charm develops over time as folds and wear creates a worn, rustic look. This look gives the material an old-school vibe which is very popular and trending at the moment. The coating does thin over around 8-12 months and needs a simple rewaxing with a heated bar of protectant wax. Otter Wax, a small batch specialty local product, is the perfect product for the job. Otter Wax’s all-natural fabric care seals the surface of a fabric, protecting it from penetrating liquids. You can care for waxed canvas by spot cleaning it, rather than washing it, to uphold the waxed finish.

We carry 11 different color options of water-resistant waxed canvas, made with 100% cotton and a wax finish. You can purchase 59 inch-width, sold by the yard, or if you’d like a larger supply, you can purchase this product in 27.5 yard rolls. Check out our new line of waxed canvas, exclusively sold at Vaughan’s Fabric and Supply.

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