Big News! We’re Now Vaughan’s Fabric & Supply

Big News! We’re Now Vaughan’s Fabric & Supply

April 13, 2018 Off By Ali Ongaro

With our move towards new generations of leadership comes a new name and free freight.

Vaughan’s Fabric and Supply is a proud fourth-generation company with women leading the way. Located in the heart of Portland, Ore. for over 80 years, Frank Vaughan Sr. founded Vaughan Brothers, an auto top and upholstery manufacturing company, in 1929. After World War 2, he partnered with his brother Don Vaughan to further expand!

When Frank passed away in 1980, the company officially passed onto his son, also named Frank, who had begun working there several years prior to returning from time in the Navy.

Five years later, third-generation Carrie Vaughan (now Carrie Campbell) followed in her father’s footsteps when she joined the business. In 1999, Vaughan Brothers outgrew its space and expanded to its current location across the Willamette River in lower SE Portland.

In 2013, after working in every role and capacity, from the warehouse to customer service, Carrie took the helm. Her daughters Lindsey and Maggie will bring the business into the future by their mother’s side. With a new generation of female-business owners, what was formally Vaughan Brothers is now Vaughan’s Fabric and Supply.

A lot has changed at Vaughan’s Fabric and Supply, including our new look and name! We have been working hard to update our website and branding to fit the new us.

On the horizon, we’ll begin outreach to spotlight our loyal customers on this blog and our social media channels. We look forward to working with those who have shopped at Vaughan for years, while also welcoming new ones with open arms.

As a special thanks, we now offer free freight to all new and returning customers.

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